The SANMARCO INDUSTRIAL protective upholstery division is young and it is organised to study and solve problems regarding safeguarding the environment and preserving the product that are part of it.

In our job of expert in protecting metal surface we offer a extensive range of solution.


Sanmarco Industrial owns the biggest cataphoresis implant in Italy. Our system can produce 2000-2300sm each shift and we can treat products up to mm6000x2200x800 in size and 500Kg of weight.
The system is equipped to work with “standard cataphoresis” (thickness >15um) and with “High thickness cataphoresis” (thickness >35um).


Our system can produce 1200sm per shift and can treat products up to mm8000x2300x650 in size and up to 800kg of weight.

The protective upholstery division is supported by an Internal Laboratory for:

  • Research and development of new upholstery protective treatment technology;
  • Control of raw material;
  • Chemical control of bath solution during production processes;
  • Quality control of the final product in agreement with UNI, EN, ISO;
  • Quality control and tests of strength and capacity.


All these tests are undertaken using the following equipment:

  • Saline mist cycling corrosion chamber;
  • Humidity chamber;
  • Bath tab for water tests;
  • Muffle furnace (1200^C) and muffle furnace with thermostat (250^C);
  • Electronic analytical scale;
  • Data-Pack to control furnace;
  • Magnetic Thickness gauge;
  • Glossmeter;
  • Square cutting;
  • Conical mandrel for bending tests PH meters;
  • Conductivity meter;
  • Reagents for chemical tests;
  • Management software;
  • Thermostatically controlled cabinet;
  • External site for climate change tests (since 1993).


Via Genova, 18/20
66045 Atessa (CH) • ITALY
Tel: +39 0872 220916
Fax:+39 0872 220917
Email: info.sanmarco@scattolini.com